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Leila Martial

Born in the 1980s into a family of open-minded classical musicians, Leïla developed a passion for the performing arts at an early age. At the age of ten, she started as a boarding school student at the ' Colège de Marciac', to study jazz and more specifically improvisational singing, which would become her great passion. She has always been fascinated by vocal techniques of distant ethnic groups and the expressive dimension of sound. She has gradually developed a unique singing style that combines jazz phrasing, imaginary languages and various vocal techniques.

Her career has been crowned with many prizes: first prize for jazz soloist in 'La Défense' (2009), first prize at 'Crest Jazz Vocal' (2023), best album at the 'Académie du Jazz' and Vocal Artist at the 'Victoires du Jazz' (2020).

In addition to music, she practices clownish theater and has created a solo in which she brings together all her facets - Jubilä

“Leila Martial is an extravagant and overwhelming magician, something of a clown and something of a tightrope walker, who can go from the most heart-wrenching pain to great liberating bursts of joy.” - Telerama


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