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Greenhouse artists known

On Saturday afternoon, June 8, world-famous jazz musicians will play in the gardens at De Gast in Zuidhorn. They perform brand new music in surprising combinations. In the evening, the musicians will give a joint final concert with new work. In this way, Zuidhorn is transformed for one day into the absolute center of the worldwide jazz scene.



The musicians have been brought together by trumpeter Avishai Cohen and composer-conductor Tijn Wybenga. Unique to Jazz te Gast is the 'Greenhouse': the greenhouse where these musicians prepare 14 new concerts in one day - and then perform them in the beautiful gardens at De Gast in Zuidhorn.

This year the 'Greenhouse' consists of percussionist Vernon Chatlein (Curaçao), guitarist Teis Semey (Denmark), trumpeter Suzan Veneman (Netherlands), saxophonist/clarinetist Joachim Badenhorst (Belgium), pianist Elias Stemeseder (Austria), drummer Anton Eger (Denmark). ), bassist Alessandro Fongaro (Italy), saxophonist Marc Alberto (Netherlands) and singer Leïla Martial (France).


A unique festival

Jazz te Gast is a biennial festival that brings together top international musicians, young talent and Het Noordpool Orkest for an unprecedented adventure: making new music on the spot and then performing it in the fairytale gardens on the main street of the village. The afternoon program is free of charge.


Start Ticket Sales

Ticket sales for the final concert start on April 15. The festival also has an extensive side program: there are master classes at the conservatory, education lessons at schools in the Zuidhorn area, and on the Friday evening before the festival there is a concert by amateur ensembles and schoolchildren.


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