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Noordpool Orkest

The North Pole Orchestra is a regular partner of Jazz te Gast. As a leading projection orchestra, Noordpool specializes in contemporary, light music in large ensemble: a big band with strings and woodwinds. The 42 professional musicians play Jazz, Rock, Hip-hop, Funk, Drum 'n bass, Cabaret, Chanson, Blues, and yet-to-be-invented genres. Founded in 2010 by the Groningen composer and pianist Reinout Douma, they are storming the rest of the world from the North of the Netherlands with new orchestral music. They have played with, among others, Ed Kowalczyk, Janne Schra, Michael League, Eric Vloeimans, Tineke Postma, Wouter Hamel, Shirma Rouse, Karsu, Glennis Grace, Jan Akkerman, Fay Claassen, Ruben Hein, and many others.

“The North Pole Orchestra is versatile, flexible, and without any respect for stylistic limitations.”

Leeuwarder Courant


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