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Teis Semey

The 'bad boy of Dutch jazz,' guitarist Teis Semey (DK), has quickly made a name for himself in recent years. Whether it's the punk-inspired avant-garde of the 'Teis Semey Quintet,' the choir-like folkiness of 'Midnight Mess,' or the electro/acoustic vibes of 'Raw Fish,' with his stormy attitude towards music, he has earned his place as one of the most prominent emerging names in the European jazz scene in 2023.

"The 'rising star' has four albums to his name and shows no signs of slowing down. This year, he released Midnight Mess vol. 1, and he is working on the release of his debut with Raw Fish and a fourth album with the Quintet." - NRC

"Teis Semey is a powerful and lyrical artist, 'charmingly nonchalant.' His playing grabs you by the shoulders and shouts a story in your face. But it's a story with depth and nuance." - Jazzism


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